Modifying LI-M021C Driver for Elroy, JetPack 3.0, L4T 24.2.1, 64 bit TX1

We are working on a modification to the daxc02 driver for the LI-M021C to make that camera module plug in to the CSI2 ports on the Elroy carrier and work with nvgstcapture, gstreamer, v4l2, etc.

On a separate thread, compliance of the daxc02 driver on a different set-up appears to have been settled, and those steps we can follow. With the mods we have done so far, we are currently able to detect the sensor but not the bridge of the LI-M021C module.

With a vanilla installation of L4T 24.2.1 and the stock Elroy board support package, we can run i2cdetect and we see both 0x10 and 0x0e in the output – so far so good.

Upon installing the vanilla daxc02 driver, we could not i2cdetect either the sensor or the bridge.

We took this to mean that something in the set-up for the camera module that comes with the Jetson also powers up the sensor and bridge on the M021C, so we attempted to merge code from the OV5693.

With the power up/down sequence added to the vanilla daxc02 driver, the sensor was being detected. However, with i2cdetect, the i2c device IDs 0x10 and 0x0e doesn;t show up. Instead, we see a 0xUU in the output at 0x10 and nothing at 0x0e.

The result is that we get a successful probe of the sensor, but nothing for the bridge. Scanning the dmesg output after boot-up:

daxc02 6-0010: probe successful


tegra-vii2c 546c0000.i2c: no acknowledge from address 0x0e

We have also tested this using the Jetson dev board, bypassing the Elroy. We did this by removing the OV5693 sensor from the camera board and inserting the ribbon cable from our LI-M021C module and interposer into the CSI2 input for the OV5693. We get the same results either way.

Hi, have you contacted the camera vendor Leopard Imaging for support to get it working on the devkit? They are an NVIDIA Imaging Partner.

I’ll try them.