Modifying textures/setting backgrounds in Isaac Sim

Hi all,

I am having trouble assigning textures to prims in Isaac Sim. In the in-built script editor, the following snippet sets the texture parameter of a DomeLight for me successfully:

import omni.kit.commands
from pxr import Sdf
        attributes={'intensity': 1000, 'texture:format': 'latlong'})


Interestingly, this does not work when called through running The code runs without errors, but the texture does not show up on images acquired by a script similar to python_samples/syntheticdata/basic/

Has anyone achieved texture modification for domain randomization? If so, whats the catch?

Two things that can help:

  • When launching via the OmniKitHelper, set sync_loads to true to force omniverse to fully load all assets before rendering another frame.

  • You can also try adding update() calls after setting the property to let the texture load before capturing data.