Modifying the Server

So I got CXR working and did some reading on the source code of the CXR sample client when I noticed that we do not have the source files for the server aspect of CXR. Will we have access to making modifications to the server in the future or is that something that is always going to be prebuilt with CXR?

Thanks for using the SDK and getting CXR working - that’s excellent.
I couldn’t find any references to server source code either - so I expect it to remain in binary form.
What would be your use case or the type of changes you would have wanted to make to the server side?

We’re looking into hand tracking integration for the client but as SteamVR does not support it either, we’ll probably have to write a custom handtracking to oculus controller mapping in the same vein as ALVR does it for its software. In our current understanding that would require modifying parts of the client and parts of the server code.