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Good afternoon, teachers.
I have encountered a problem that cannot be backed up when the image backed up on the old Orin Nano module is restored to the new Orin Nano module. It is confirmed that the problem is caused by the difference in module information.
After checking, we can see that the module information recorded in the image backup on the old module is:
The message read on the new module is:
After I disable the relevant code verifying this piece of information, it can be restored normally. There is only one difference between the two pieces of information. I would like to ask whether this difference field information has any meaning and will it affect batch backup in subsequent production

It just means these modules are made in different times, and basically they are the same otherwise.
What you should take care of is if there is any PCN change, but not this small change.

I have learned from PCN documents that all products were produced in 23 years, and the PCN change time has not yet arrived. Mainly because the mirror cannot burn problem caused me to look for the difference. As I said, the relevant code to verify this information is disabled and can be restored normally. So I need to do the work.

You can safely remove the check if you are sure they are the same model.

I am worried that this deletion will have an impact on my subsequent use. So this deletion is safe?

NO. Nothing to worry about.
As I said, you should care about PCN changes, but not the module number.


Ok, thanks!

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