module:new_dtype, dt nfd

I have a program which compiles and satisfies QA with other compilers, but I get this error message when I try to use pgf95. Is there any explanation as to what the numbers mean?

module:new_dtype, dt nfd 3198 (lib/SN2ND/SN2ND_Setup_FixedSource.F90: 17)

The 17 appears to be the line number just after the USE statements in the “offending” subroutine. Anybody know what 3198 means?

I also get
cleaning up after signal(2)… & Error 127 (ignored)
for some subroutines and modules which I have not been able to identify.

I fixed a similar error termed “171”
PGF90-F-0000-Internal compiler error. module:new_dtype, dt nfd 171 (Element_Bar_Mappings.f90: 35)

by rearranging the USE statements in three modules as outlined below. Of course I do not understand why this would change anything.

old: 0 uses (1 uses (2 uses 3))
fix: 0 uses (1 uses 3) and 0 uses (2 uses 3)

where the derived data type in 1 contains a derived data type from 3.
module 3 defines a data structure
module 2 fills the data structure defined in module 3.
module 1 defines a data structure which contains the data structure from module 3 + some other arrays.
module 0 fills the data type in 1 based upon the information provided by module 2.

Thanks ahead of time.

Hi masmith_anl,

Can you please send a report to with example code illustrating the problem?