ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'jarvis_api' when run nb_demo_speech_api.ipynb

After I have done: bash and , I got: Jarvis server is ready…

Then I run the jupyter notebook for demo: run nb_demo_speech_api.ipynb. But I have got:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'jarvis_api.

Can you please suggest how to solve this problem? Do I need to install jarvis api through pip install?


I ran into a similar issue, did you find a fix for this?

@sek2, since I just posted this issue and still wait for someone to give the solution.

Hi @jimmyq and @sek2
Just wanted to check if you are trying to run jupyter noteboook inside the container after running as mentioned in below steps:


Hi @SunilJB, I did not run the bash I will try this to see… Thanks

After I have run: bash, from inside the docker, I can run the Jupyter Notebook without error.

@SunilJB, do we must use the docker to run Jupyter Notebook? In other words, if we need to run that outside the docker, what else we need to install for the dependencies? If so, can you put that in the user guide?

Hey @jimmyq I tried to install the jarvis_api whl file and it seemed to work. Maybe that could help with your issue.

Hi @jimmyq
I think below link might help with your issue.

Thanks @sek2 for sharing you experience in dev forum. Really appreciate your effort.


Thanks to @sek2 and @SunilJB for the good information. I am going to try that shortly. Have a nice day!