Modulus release_22.09 git lfs pull fails for the helmholz/validation/example.csv file with 'invalid cross-device link'


In Modulus release_22.09 I’m trying to pull a git LFS Modulus example file and it fails

examples (release_22.09) $ git lfs pull --include helmholtz/validation/helmholtz.csv
Downloading LFS objects:   0% (0/1), 0 B | 0 B/s                                                                                                                             
cannot replace "/transfer/tomislav/modulus/examples/.git/lfs/objects/ae/ac/aeac30245e5ac347f39c4c076101decc448c674dd1531fe200a1c5e598c9557c" with "/tmp/aeac30245e5ac347f39c4c076101decc448c674dd1531fe200a1c5e598c9557c346914248": rename /tmp/aeac30245e5ac347f39c4c076101decc448c674dd1531fe200a1c5e598c9557c346914248 /transfer/tomislav/modulus/examples/.git/lfs/objects/ae/ac/aeac30245e5ac347f39c4c076101decc448c674dd1531fe200a1c5e598c9557c: invalid cross-device link
error: failed to fetch some objects from ''

Can someone help with this? Thanks!

Everything runs fine if my examples folder is in $HOME/modulus.

Hi @maric

This looks like an issue related to where (the hardware location) you’re trying to clone the examples repo. I would just clone the examples repo from scratch in a different spot. If this isn’t possible I would suggest you do some digging on why this would show for Git repos in general. Some stack overflow questions may lend some insight.

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Yep, I cloned the repo in $HOME/modulus, this works, see my answer from Nov 3 above, thanks for the hints!

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