MOFED & ConnectX-4 Lx EN adapter


I’m working with a ConnectX4LX adapter (ConnectX-4 Lx EN network interface card; 25GbE dual-port SFP28; PCIe3.0 x8; ROHS R6). From the website datasheet, this is an Ethernet connector. My question is: Does running MOFED (v4.5- change this status or, in other words, will the system recognize an HCA connector or will it still consider the adepter as purely “Ethernet”? I understand that MOFED installs a bunch of IB software/kernels (libibverbs, libfabric, etc.), but will software that specifically requires the presence of HCAs work properly or not?



Hello Arturo,

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Installing MLNX_OFED with your ConnectX-4 Lx does not change the adapter type. Your adapter will still stay as Ethernet.

MLNX_OFED contains the drivers for InfiniBand and Ethernet, including some more utilities like MFT (which you need to install separately when using MLNX_EN (Ethernet only driver).

MLNX_OFED also includes a prebuilt version of OpenMPI and UCX.

So basically, if you only using basic Ethernet functionality then MLNX_EN is more than sufficient. If you want to have all the extra’s then installing MLNX_OFED is a valid option as well.

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~Mellanox Technical Support

Hello Martjin,

Thank you for your answer. You’re completely right in that the hardware is what it is, software can only enhance some features but not modify the circuitry. It’s a long story but I’m interested in building MVAPICH2-GDR 2.3.2 for CUDA support. The website (MVAPICH :: GDR Userguide) lists several requirements (Mellanox OFED 3.2 and later; NVIDIA Driver 367.48 or later; NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 7.5 and later; NVIDIA Peer Memory) but it’s unclear to me if MVAPICH2-GDR will work without a true IB adapter.

I’m using a single node so what I didn’t fully understand about your answer is the need to install MFT separately. I performed a previous attempt at installing MOFED and the output stated that it had updated the firmware. I’m assuming that this is a different package and, from your words and the MOFED user’s guide, it suggests that MFT might be necessary when using a single node. Is the latter true or am I misunderstanding something?

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