Monitor auto detection fails with Quadro K1200

Our company is shipping hardware with a new NVIDIA card (details below). The hardware includes, among other things, 2 monitors. With the previous NVIDIA card, when one monitor got (accidentally) disconnected, the card driver would send a notification that we were able to capture and act on it.

We don’t get that anymore with the new card. Our developers exhausted any system-level experiments to get that triggered (on Windows 10, 64b). We now suspect there might be a driver flag we could set, we just don’t know which / how to set it. Or perhaps an issue in the driver?

Could anyone at NVIDIA help us with that?

Thanks in advance.

Details: Card = NVIDIA Quadro K1200; OS = Windows 10, 64b

We typically use RegisterDeviceNotifcation (RegisterDeviceNotificationA function (winuser.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs) to detect monitor disconnects. This works with video cards such as the GeForce GT630, but does not with the K1200. We suspect there is either a driver issue or a configuration that is preventing this, but haven’t been able to track it down. Another behavior that is different, but probably related, is that upon monitor disconnect the windows are not repositioned to the next available display on the K1200 as they are with other video cards.