Monitor not returning from standby bug returned with creator ready driver package

I’m using the recently released creator ready driver (417.35).

This bug was haunting some people including me on one of the previos gaming driver releases, then nvidia driver team fixed it and it was in the pdf of the fixed driver release. I think it was fixed either in 418 or 419 release.

The issue is simply monitor doesn’t wake from sleep when I move my mouse. It “intends to wake up”, but card doesn’t send anything to display and it goes back to sleep again. At least, I have a workaround: Connect the monitor onto the other graphics card and boom the screen is on.

Do you guys really need more info about this? Because you’ve already fixed it but it has born again from its ashes since the fork for creator package is exactly where the bug is.


I suggest that you submit the bug here:

Please select “Other” in “Relevant Area”, and be sure to include card model, all OS and version info.