Monitors flickering when using more than two outputs on a Quadro P5000


I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 and a machine with a single Quadro P5000. I want to use three Barco F50 projectors at 2560x1600 / 120 Hz each. Two monitors work fine but every time I add a third one (does not matter which projector, happens with all three of them) either by plugging in the cable or enabling them in the nvidia-settings, the last projector always starts to flicker. Sometimes, one projector that worked perfectly fine before will start to flicker as well. What I find most confusing is that this setup will sometimes work for no apparent reason at all.

Anything I could check? Is the P5000 generally capable of running three separate projectors at these resolutions? I couldn’t find any information on this.

I presume you’re connecting all projectors through displayport, does the “flicker” also happen, if you connect one to DVI? Please run when “flicker” happens and attach output to your post.