More bringup & adaptation tests

I saw the bringup framework in the JP5.1.1 download page.
My question is if there are any additional hw tests for the devkit except the ones in that package.


Except the checklist, automation tool we provided in the developer guide, also the Electrical and Mechanical
Characteristics in datasheet, others should be developed by customer as that’s their know-how.

Thank you for your answer.
Just to make sure:
Regarding hw/sw tests, what do you mean by:

  1. automation tool provided in the developer guide
  2. Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics in datasheet

Please read Board Automation — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (

From that table, you can find the test reference of each Characteristics.

Thank you again

Hi @kayccc ,
I marked this thread as answered but I went through your links here and have two questions please:

  1. Why you mentioned the board automation tool regarding additional tests?

  2. Can you please provide a small example for an electrical characteristic test?
    I went over the Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics in datasheet and don’t know how to convert the data there into pass/fail tests.


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