More flashing hair

This is rendered in Create 2022.1.2 - 400 samples and using the CC exported light rig, minor adjustments to light intensities.

Quite busy electric hair-style she got :P
But skin looks to render out just nice!

With other hair style there are no problems:.
Rendered PathT in Machinima with 220 samples

So its something special with that Afro hair…

New hair model that also have this flickering, “pigtail braid”

Here its seen, and also the ear is flickering again…

What can it be? 700 samples in this one.
I do not want to replace Natasha character!

Comparison of Natasha and default CC4 character:

Natasha is flickering in the eye browse, ear and in hair ponytail.

Eye browse flickering looks like the same as I bumped with CC4 Camilla:

Another test, RT exported CC4 Natasha rendered in Path Traced mode, 100 samples:

Same RT exported CC4 Natasha in Real-Time, looks great!!!

Default Natasha CC4 PT export rendered in Create in PT, 120 & 500 samples.

Flashing ear is a problem, please help Nvidia?

Here is a test where I disabled the Subsurface option:

But no help, the ear is still flashing badly, rendered in PT 150 samples:

@weienchen your knowledge is needed here :)

Hurray! At least the Default CC4 Path-Traced Female renders out from Create in Path Traced WITH motion blur just OK:

More successful testings!
Native Natasha character, saved without any tweaks from CC4 renders just fine in Create with same lights & motion blur settings as above seen:

Now I start to seek out where the flashing comes from:

  • from iClone USD export
  • from CC4 Realistic Skin add-on
  • from CC4 Skin Make-up

New test, successful one.
From CC4 default Natasha with hair and clothes and eye glasses.
Path Traced USD export in 2K textures, rendered in Create with motion blur.

Again a testing without problmes, this time animation is applied in iClone8 to Natasha and exported to USD as Path-Traced mode.

Rendered in Create with 20 samples / 20 sub-samples Motion blur.

Talking Natasha from IClone8 with body animation + digital Soul, no flashes or render problems. Tiny noise in eyes ( better seen when she is still ) but that is fixed at render farm. Still learning how to combine Eye movements + Eye browses, but that is iClone8 stuff…

Same Natasha in Library environment, rendered with 80/20 motion blur.

No problems any more, case solved bu using the most default Natasha in 2K. I try to find what was the cause of the noise in earlier postings on this topic, specially with Natasha…

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All flashing skin issues with cc4 characters are solved by using motion blur in rendering:

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