more hotspots

Dear Users and Developers,

compiling OpenMP applications repeatedly delivers the hotspot “seconds” only. Different combinations of the switches
-pg -mp -Mprof=lines -Mprof=func -Minfo=ccff
do not change this behavior. Since other hotspots as COUNTS or COST (see the sort menu) are of certain interest I wonder how to convince the profiler to do that. Do I have to read any hardware counters for this purpose?

Thank you in advance for any ideas.


It appears that you are using multiple instrumentation flags on your compile line.

Recommend that you try

-mp -Mprof=lines -Minfo=ccff

Then just run the program (do not use pgcollect for instrumented code) to generate your pgprof.out file and see if that provides what you want.

Yes, it works. Thank you.