More information about Innova Flex


We are currently looking at Innova Flex cards to implement our IDS. We wanted some help on the following questions:

  1. We understand that the FPGA on this card is “bump in the wire”. We also understand the input to the FPGA is the network packet coming from the switch. What is the output? Is it also a network packet which will then go the adapter (and then to the server where the adapter is connected)?

  2. Can we send the packet out directly from the FPGA? For example, we receive the packet from the switch, perform our processing, and then directly send the packet back to switch without sending it to the adapter (and the server)?

  3. How do we program the FPGA? We have some familiarity in programming Xilinx FPGAs using Vivado. Can we use the same tool to program the FPGA?

  4. Does this FPGA connect to the main DRAM (on the server), or can only use the on-board (2GB) DRAM?

P.S. The Innova Flex card looks awesome!

Thank you for your help in advance!