Mothballing the 8800GTX Worried about the supposed GTX 300

As more and more of my process moves out of Java and into OpenCL, hopefully resulting in a Cloud implementation, I see the use of atomics as key. My memory requirements do not actually require a C1060 for development. I can use anything with 100mb. The 8800 needs to go though.

I am using Java concurrency to implement an OpenCL context/GPU pool. This can schedule 1000’s of iterations of kernel sets with large worksizes on multiple GPUs, so a multiple GPU test environment is what I am looking for. The GTX 295 looks like it, but rumor of a 40 nm version called the GTX 300 has me worried that my decision could look dumb a month from now. Is this just wishful thinking by some gamers?

I should also mention that I already have a multi-GPU MacbookPro, so I can development there for a while. Everything I have heard here is about the future with “ferni” . Spreading this rumor to here is not my intension. Can anyone shoot this thing down?

Fermi’s not really a rumor:

Thanks, This is plenty of real info. I’ll look around for dates & come to some decision.

FYI, I always thought Ferni was for real, but way in the future. I can see how you could interpret that I was saying it was a rumor. I meant the GTX 300 was the rumor. Ferni was only in quotes, because it is an internal code name / architecture & not an actual product. GTX 300 turns out to be just guesses by the peanut gallery of what coming out might be called. Seems similar to iSlate or iTablet.

According to this, the first Fermi based Tesla card should be available in early Q2 this year. If you can’t wait that long, you may consider a lower end card (such as a GT 240, which is a CUDA 1.2 device) for now.

Thanks for the link. I might have waited that long, using the Mac till then, if it was a PC/graphics version coming out in early Q2. Since that amount of memory is overkill, I thought of only using the Tesla line for production. That link also does not show Windows 7 on the downloads tab (that’s got to be a typo).

My gut is telling just do it on the Mac regardless, and re-evaluate when this becomes critical path.

Thanks, again to both of you. I do not have forever to do blind keyword searches. You saved me a lot of time.