motherboard's SLI support is required for independent CUDA operations?

I am purchasing a workstation with two Xeon and two Titan X. For supermicro motherboard, either X10DAI or X10DAX seems a good fit.
The difference of X10DAI or X10DAX is whether the motherboard supports SLI or not. Given that I am going to launch independents CUDA operations to either GPU (e.g. use first GPU with left socket Xeon and use second GPU with right socket Xeon), I believe that SLI support of motherboard is not necessary.
Can anyone confirm this?
In addition, I welcome overall opinion for a good motherboard! For example, are there any good motherboard with 2 Xeon and 4 Titan X? X10DRG-Q seems good but people have hard time finding a good case (except proprietary one)

SLI is mostly orthogonal to CUDA programming. CUDA does not depend on SLI and does not use SLI for any CUDA operations.