Motion blur in path traced does not work?

See that image, it is rendering in Path Traced but motion blur is not blurring the Marbles that are on the move, it just copies them… What setting do I have to enable/tweak?

The Real-Time renderer blurs them just fine:

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The total number of samples the renderer is making per pixel per frame is equal to “Path Trace Samples Per Pixel” * “Subframes per frame”. You have those set to 128 and 5 respectively. You can increase the subrames by some multiple and decrease the samples per pixel by the inverse to maintain the same render time an quality, but increase the motion blur quality.

Try settings the samples per pixel to 8 and subframes to 80.

Thanks Revl, I did this but still they render out as sharp multiple balls not smeared, motion blurred shapes:

Hey, I got it working ok with Path Tracing! I just made a new scene and raised the PT rendering settings to the values you recommended samples per pixel to 8 and subframes to 80:

The problem might have been the extreme ISO settings I used…
You know to get the emissive marbles to shine that strong.

But now as the PT rendering works ok with motion blur, the real time rendering is not so good. Even with extreme slow shutter as 5, I get very modest motion blur:

How could I pump that motion blur longer?


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