Motion Estimation while encoding

I’ve been working on motion estimation , wanted to know if while using nvEncoder for H.264 encoding ,can motion vectors be obtained as a by product ?
Also referred to the question below , which says that once ME only mode session is set then it cannot be used for encoding, It is also mentioned that ME only output cannot be fed directly for encoding but motion vectors can be send as extra hints to the encoder.
Can you provide more info regarding it.

Any help will be appreciated . Thanks!!!

Hello @zakik and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

If I understand correctly you would like to get motion estimation data ans output from NVENC to memory, right. In my interpretation the relevant programming guide paragraph is quite clear on the fact that you can either output the bitstream or the ME data exclusively, not combined.

As to how to re-use the ME information for encoding, I am not aware that we have examples for that use-case.