Mount jetson tx2 on GB Drive

So I have a Jetson xavier tx2 and currently do not have enough space so I want to mount it on my sd card. However, i dont have an sd card reader so I have a usb adapter. So in Disks I see the 32GB Drive and i want to mount on it. I have flashed it with jetson-nx-jp46-sd-card-image. I can see the partition but cant mount on it.
What are the steps to follow to be able to mount on that partition ?

I have tried this Run Jetson TX1 from SD Card – JetsonHacks
but i changed the location to /dev/sda1 .

I am stuck , please help

Just want to double confirm which platform is in use here? Because this is TX1 forum but not TX2 or NX.

yes sorry this was for TX2

If the SD card shows as “/dev/sda” (the disk as a whole, not the partition), then what do you see from:

  • lsblk -f /dev/sda
  • sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda

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