Mount the driver on JAXI jetpack4.6.2


I’m going to mount a camer driver on Jaxi with jetpack 4.6.2, but it shows ‘could not insert: Exec format error’

The driver I used has been successfully mount on AGX jetpack4.6 which kernel version is 4.9.253-tegra as same as the Jaxi with jetpack 4.6.2 mentioned above.(check by uname -r command)

The following are my steps:
I put the .ko to the /lib/modules/4.9.253-tegra
sudo depmod -a
sudo modprode

I have searched the similar questions on google, most of the reasons are due to the different kernel version.

But the kernel version of jepack4.6 and 4.6.2 are 4.9.253-tegra, it means my driver can mount on JAXI 4.6.2 theoretically.

Is there any difference on kernel version between AGX and JAXI?

Maybe rebuild the camera driver by from the J4.6.2 source tree again.

Hi ShaneCCC,

It works by rebuild the driver on J4.6.2

But could you tell me the difference between J4.6 and J4.6.2 even if the kernel version are both 4.9.253-tegra?

Thanks for great help

Sorry, I can’t tell exactly what different for them. You may need to download the source code to check it.


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