Mounting Jetson AGX Xavier SoM on its Side

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The AGX Xavier developer kit documentation explicitly states that the module may be orientated on any side (see image below).

I cannot find information regarding whether the production module (SoM) can be orientated on its side.

The thermal design guide shows heat pipes within the AGX Xavier, therefore I can’t be certain that side orientation is permitted. Teardown photos of the developer kit do not show these heat pipes.

Is it permitted to mount the AGX Xavier production module on its side?

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Because of the heat pipe in TTP, there is a possibility that in some orientations and higher workloads that the thermal performance will be degraded.

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One final question on the topic, do you know if the heat pipes are are wicked heat pipes, or wickless (non-wicked, gravity assisted) heat pipes? I ask as wicked heat pipes can work against gravity within limits.

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It’s wickless.

Please refer to this topic: Xavier SoM module orientation in space

The heat pipe design is NOT very sensitive to orientation.