Mounting NxActor vehicle wheels using a joint

I’m trying to mount wheels using joints to a vehicle. The following code I’ve written fails a PhysX joint validity check with a code #7. I would also like to add springs to this later.

I could use some help pointing out my mistakes and perhaps giving me a couple pointers including on how to do springs with this type of joint. Thank you in advance.

//Convert variables for easier use
		Point3F wheelOffset = nodeInfo[num].wheelTorqueOffset;
		Point3F springPos = nodeInfo[num].springPos;
		//Update the wheel's location to spring node position in world space
		MatrixF newWheelToWorld;
		Point3F chassisPos = newWheelToWorld.getPosition();
		Point3F newWheelPos = chassisPos + springPos;

		//Set up connection point on chassis
		Point3F axis;
		newWheelToWorld.getColumn(1, &axis);
		mMountJointDesc[0] = new NxD6JointDesc;
		mMountJointDesc[0]->actor[0] = mChassisBody;
		mMountJointDesc[0]->localAnchor[0] = pxCast(nodeInfo[num].springPos);
		mMountJointDesc[0]->localNormal[0] = pxCast(axis);
		mMountJointDesc[0]->actor[1] = wheelRigid;
		mMountJointDesc[0]->localAnchor[1] = NxVec3(0.0f,0.0f,0.0f);
		mMountJointDesc[0]->localNormal[1] = pxCast(nodeInfo[num].wheelRotation);

		mMountJointDesc[0]->xMotion = NX_D6JOINT_MOTION_FREE;
		mMountJointDesc[0]->yMotion = NX_D6JOINT_MOTION_FREE;
		mMountJointDesc[0]->zMotion = NX_D6JOINT_MOTION_FREE;

		mMountJointDesc[0]->swing2Motion = NX_D6JOINT_MOTION_LIMITED;
		mMountJointDesc[0]->swing2Limit.value = 0.0f;

		mMountJointDesc[0]->twistMotion = NX_D6JOINT_MOTION_LIMITED;
		mMountJointDesc[0]->twistLimit.high.value = nodeInfo[num].steeringAngleLimit;
		mMountJointDesc[0]->twistLimit.low.value = -nodeInfo[num].steeringAngleLimit;
		//Add the joint to the world
		mMountJoint[0] = mWorld->getScene()->createJoint(*mMountJointDesc[0]);