Mounting of .img file


Looking for help to mount the Jetson-Nano sdcard image file without burning on Sdcard



Sorry. no such method. If you don’t want to use sdcard, you could buy production module which uses emmc and carrier board from vendors.

If you have an image of just the root filesystem (some images contain multiple partitions), and it is raw, not sparse, then:
sudo mount -o loop /where/ever/it/is/image.img.raw /mnt

Thanks Guys !!

If you’re looking to edit the rootfs, you can ether use SDK Manager to setup an environment for you, or you can download the BSP tarball (L4T Driver Package here), extract that, and then extract the rootfs tarball to the rootfs folder within Linux_for_Tegra (a folder the BSP tarball extracts).

Then you can use chroot or proot with qemu to enter the rootfs interactively and edit it that way. Nvidia’s own scripts like use this method to install software. If you add apt sources, apt-get will work as well, so you can add custom repos, update the system, etc. When you’re done you can either use or a script in Linux_for_Tegra/tools to create a sd card from that. I believe it’s called or similar. Instructions on how to do all of this is in the Linux for Tegra documentation and elsewhere on the forum.