Mounting screw torque

Does anyone know what the recommended torque specification is for mounting the TX2i to the carrier board? We had been using 6.2 in-lbs. We have used this torque on a dozen or so boards without any issue. However, we did have the standoff supporting one of the holes opposite of the connector damage the heatsink due to the torque.

I can’t give you a specific answer, but most IPC specs would typically only allow 2-4 in-lbs for a screw that size.

Per the latest Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide (20190606) nvidia specifies “Secure with M3 screws (4x) from the top of the module. Torque the screws to 0.3±2% N-m.”

0.3 N-m is 2.66 in-lbs.