Mouse and keyboard cannot be used

I use TX2 for development, and after the kernel starts, the mouse keyboard can’t be used
, but I use the TX1 it can work fine , can you tell me the tx2 kernel what should I do that I
can use the Mouse and keyboard .

My guess is that video did not autoconfigure. Most likely everything is otherwise working…normally there is nothing to do for mouse and keyboard, it should “just work”.

Can you get to a console via the CTRL-ALT-F2 key press? Does your router show an IP address being requested? If so, can you ping that address or ssh in?

Also, is this a purely HDMI monitor with no special adapters or cables?

But the keyboard can’t be used, I can’t enter CTRL-ALT-F2,


I found that the mouse and the keyboard have no electricity. If the 3221 chip did not read 5V, it would have an impact on the mouse keyboard.

Most of the time there should be 5V on the USB power (there are some exceptions, but I doubt those apply). Is this modified in some way? I don’t know how the GPIO and device tree information would show up without something running post-boot…is this a regular developer board which works with TX1 but not TX2?