Mouse and Keyboard stop working after pluggin or unplugging Zed2 camera multiple times

Good afternoon

Currently I’m trying to test the framedrop rate of my zed2 camera on each one of the 4 ports of my jetson nano. I have a 10 meters USB repeater cable so I was testing how much worse it performs compared to just connecting the camera directly.
The test goes like this, I connect the camera without the repeater in a USB port, then I connect the mouse to open the zed explorer program, before the app starts I unplug the mouse so I can measure the framedrop without other devices connected. Once finished, I plug the mouse, close the zed explorer app, unplug the camera, connect the camera to the repeater, connect the repeater to the usb port, open zed explorer and unplug the mouse. I do this for every port on the jetson nano.
… Or so I wish, for some reason when pluging or unpluging the camera the mouse and keyboard stop working, no matter what port I use the will not respond. Although the mouse led will turn on. This has happened at least 3 times already, and everytime I had to unplug the Jetson to get the Mouse and Keyboard working again. Also even after this problem the camera will keep working. I know this because I left open Zed Explorer on accident and it keep showing frames, and even if I unplugged it and plugged it again it would work without problem, but not everything else (M&K).
Please help me I ahven’t been able to find any relevant info.

Here’s the dmesg output

dmesg.txt (149.1 KB)

It looks like over-current happens:

[  616.774864] soctherm: OC ALARM 0x00000001

Please try to connect to an external hub with power supply. So that the devices can drain current from the power supply rather than Jetson Nano developer kit. See if this improves the condition.

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