Mouse cursor Offset

Hi we are using Horizon View with A16 cards. And we are using vGPUs.
With Horizon 2303 and the NVIDIA-driver NVIDIA-GRID-vSphere-7.0-470.199.03-470.199.02-474.44 (13.9) all works well.
After upgrading to Horizon 2309 and NVIDIA-GRID-vSphere-7.0-535.154.02-535.154.05-538.15 (16.3) we have the problem that the mouse cursor has an offset in x direction, if the View client starts in fullscreen.
In the left area its ok but on the right side the cursor position differs at about one third of the screen.
If I leave fullscreen then all works well. Going back to fullscreen-> mouse pointer is ok.

Do you know this behavior? How can I resolve this error?

Kind regards

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We have the same issue.

It looks like the setup of the display at the beginning of the session has trouble setting up. I added the following registry key to the machine / if this is instant clones you will need to add to the golden image and take new snapshot and push to the pool:

HKLM\Software\Policies\VMware, Inc.\VMware Blast\config
PixelProviderForceViddCapture REG_SZ : 1


We experienced the problem with the V15 release and had to revert to V13 as advised by Nvidia. Today we tried V16 as many Adobe programs show that V13 is an unsupported driver due to its age.

Unfortunately, the registry modification does not work for us. We have also only experienced this problem with the Linux Horizon client on Igel OS. We are on the latest versions of the connection servers and clients that are supported according to the documentation.

Which version? Please be more precise. And what issue?
No need to set any registry keys with 16.4. If there are still issues with primary display you should open a support ticket for further investigation as this was fixed in 16.4.

16.4 → NVIDIA-GRID-vSphere-7.0-535.161.05-535.161.07-538.33 → To be precise
Issue same as mentioned by OP = we have the problem that the mouse cursor has an offset in x direction, if the View client starts in fullscreen

Please check what is serving the primary display. DXDIAG can be used to see what is in use.
Try to uninstall vSGA driver from VMWare to force the NV display as primary.
Anyways, please open a support ticket as this behavior should have been changed/solved with 16.4

I have created a ticket.