Mouse navigation inside Isaac Sim


We have started looking into Isaac Sim for a project based around synthetic data generation. while navigating around in the environment the mouse seems to get stuck while looking around (using the right mouse button), I have tried in multiple scenes and in Create & View, it seems to isolated to Isaac sim.
Whenever the mouse look gets stuck(it keeps following the mouse even though i release the right mouse button), the translation gizmo of selected assets goes blue and it takes some spamming with the mouse and/or the Esc key to get back to normal.
Is this something that you are aware of, do you know any fix for this?

My setup:
Isaac sim version: 2021.1.1 (from launcher)
Mem: 32GB
HDD: 240 GB
CPU: AMD® Ryzen 7 3700x 8-core processor × 16
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090/
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5

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Hi Jonatan,

Sorry about this, this is a known bug and is fixed for the next release.


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Hello Liila,
Ok, Thank you. Good to know.

Regards Jonatan

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