Mouse not working on Jetson Nano

I’ve just started playing around with my Jetson Nano, but I can only use the keyboard. The mouse is not working. It does receive power from the USB ports and it is showing up in the list of USB device when running ‘lsusb’ in the terminal. The cursor is not showing up on screen after logging in and there is no response when clicking its buttons. On my other devices running Ubuntu 18.04 it is working without any problems, but not on the Jetson Nano set up using the SD card image. Does anyone know what could be causing it and how to fix it?

Hi gisleandre,

What’s image version are you using?
The mouse can’t not working on each usb port?
Please try others mouse to check the issue still exist or not. Thanks!

I am facing the same problem

the default jetson nano image to be flashed on the jetson nano developer kit as instructed in jetson nano beginners developers course
the mouse click does not work on any port
thank you in advance

I rebooted the board third time and it started working
^_^ TQ

I am also facing the same issue. Did it resolve for you?
Can you share your findings?