mouse warping during kernel execution

I’ve noticed on both 10.5 and 10.6, that during a heavy kernel execution, the osx mouse cursor will fly across the screen in the direction it was being moved. This is quite annoying as one of my 3D volume rendering methods using a click to drag approach.

Not sure if this is apple’s bug or nvidia’s

I also noted weird mouse movement running CUDA samples under Snow Leopard (GT 9600).

When I run OpenCL samples this does not happen or is less noticeably.

Its definitely not good for the mac version of my app. Would consider making me shift to opencl for my volume renderer.

I’ve found a solution to this problem. Not graceful, but will hold us over til a real fix arrives.



before the kernel launch and


directly after. Not full proof but seems to stop a large amount of the warps

10.6.2 update may have fixed this bug. will confirm later