Mouting Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit on the robot's board


How is it possible to mount the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit on the robot’s board? I cannot see any holes for mounting it. I need to control the robot by Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit on board. The robot’s board is a flat surface from plexiglass.


Can you be more specific please - which robot are you talking about?

My own design of bipedal walking robot but you can imagine it like a flat surface where I need to mount it. I can here post a photo about it. I would like Xavier NX can be mounted on columns between the robot’s board and it. The holes on robot’s board are all in my opinion.

Hard to tell from the picture, I assume the white cardboard(?) is where you want to mount the Xavier-NX?

You can remove the bottom plate of the DevKit (black screws in each corner) and use “pcb spacers” to mount the Xavier to the board. Be careful as the bottom plate holds the Wifi antennas - you will need to find another mounting place for the antennas…

I case you don’t want to remove the bottom plate and antennas you can try a 3d-printed case with mouting brackets like this on Thingiverse

Yes, the white cardboard presents the flat plexiglass surface of the robot’s board.
Thanks a lot, I try to remove the bottom plate, when it will not practical I try the 3d-printed case.

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