Move the dev kit default camera


I am quite new to jetson. I have the Jetson tx2 dev kit and would like to move the standard ov5693 sensor on a mount. Is there a cable I can use to move the camera like 20 cm away from the port?

Also, is it possible to plug a standard csi-2 camera I would use on raspberry pi on this port?

Thanks a lot

You can consult with camera partner to have others module like this design.

It seems weird that we can’t use the default camera using a longer flex cable

The CSI/MIPI have signal problem if the cable is too longer. You may need GMSL solution for the long distance use case.

On CSI signal problem, that seems a weird answer. RaspberryPi CSI cameras work perfectly fine with a 20/30 cm CSI flex band.

I couldn’t manage to move the camera or use another CSI camera on the dev kit. So I used this camera which I read perfectly fine using gstreamer

Your link is USB cam it’s totally different with onboard MIPI/CSI sensor.

Yes, I am saying I couldn’t make the CSI because there is no port for CSI band.

From your first comment you say the ov5693 that confuse us to thing you would like to use reference MIPI/CSI sensor.

So what’s your real problem here.

Hi team!

I want to use the Jetson TX2 OnBoard camera can you please elaborate a bit regarding the max distance of extension cable i can use…

According to my knowledge the max distance of MIPI CSI -2 is about 40cm.

I want to connect to the J22 camera expension header an extension cable to the onboard camera, i’m trying to figure out if this cable would work:

in terms of cable length and type.

Hi guys,

After doing my homeworks, this solution could fit?

thanks a lot!

or 36 pin flex cable… i just do not know where to connect it on the J22 connector?

Hi, there is routing requirement table in OEM DG for your reference. You can find the max trace length in it.

@efiryw2d, I have the same question. Did you find the cable on ebay work?

Anyone find the cables to lift the on-board camera module off of the TX2 board?