Movement Constraints in OV Create for XR

Is the best option for constraining motion to use an action graph to set the position on each frame? Or are there better solutions, such as animation constraints

Hello @GJones-NVIDIA-XR-Team! We do have animation constraints, here is a link to the documentation: Animation Constraints


It looks like you are an employee, you can contact the Omniverse Animation team on Slack at #omni-animation. You can also contact the Omniverse XR team on Slack at #omni-xr.

Yep, employee on the XR team and thanks for the pointer Wendy!

Quick Question: action graph is not working in create XR, correct? I tried constraints to limit the movement of objects in VR as a second option. But they crash in Machinima on a fresh install with an empty scene. They can’t be laoded into create or create XR.

Is there any other way to control the behaviour of ojects when interacting with them in VR?