Moving a robots arm the base moves along but shouldn't


implementing a simulation of the RB-Kairos with an ur10 arm I got the problem, that the base moves along when I am moving some joints of the arm via joint state publisher.
The base is movable but when the arm is rotating it should stay at the same place.

Does someone have this issue before or can help?

Hi @ilka.jorissen - It sounds like the base of your robot is not properly fixed in the simulation, causing it to move when the arm moves. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Check the robot model: Make sure that the robot model (URDF, SDF, etc.) is correctly defined. The base of the robot should be fixed, and the joints of the arm should be properly connected to the base.
  2. Check the physics properties: In the physics properties of the base in Isaac Sim, make sure that the base is set to be static or has a sufficiently large mass that it doesn’t move easily.
  3. Check the joint state publisher: Make sure that the joint state publisher is only publishing to the joints of the arm, not to any joints or links related to the base.
  4. Check for external forces: Make sure there are no external forces in the simulation that could be causing the base to move. This includes forces from the environment, other robots, or user inputs.