Moving from 20.7 to 21.1

I have used 20.7 since it was released. I tried to update 20.11, and it seemed to work until I put -stdpar
in the command-line. I think I have traced the problem to one of the rcfile(s) which refers to 20.7. But I don’t understand how to fix it. Help please, particularly with regard to not repeating the problem when I install 21.1!

M M Bibby

Hi Malcom,

The compiler versions are installed in separate directories and the configuration files (rcfiles) wouldn’t point to previous releases.

Can you post an example of the issue you’re seeing? This may help in determining the issue.


Good morning Mat. Seeing your name made it feel like meeting an old friend!
It appears that I am using 20.7, while believing I was running 20.11! I am displaying the results ofaa few relevant(!) commands:

malcolm93 pwd
malcolm94 ls
addlocalrc nvaccelerror nvfortran pgc++ pgsize
cuda-gdb nvaccelinfo nv-nsight-cu-cli pgcc pgunzip
cudarc nvc nvprepro pgcpuid pgzip
license.nvcompiler nvc++ nvprof pgcudainit rcfiles
localrc nvcc nvsize pgf77 tmp
makelocalrc nvcpuid nvunzip pgf90 tools
ncu nvcudainit nvzip pgf95
nsight-sys nvdecode pgaccelerror pgfortran
nsys nvextract pgaccelinfo pgprepro
malcolm95 nvfortran -V

nvfortran 20.7-0 LLVM 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux -tp haswell
NVIDIA Compilers and Tools
Copyright © 2020, NVIDIA CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

As you can see, 20.11 is installed, but apparently not ‘activated’! What should I do to be using 20.11?


Hi Malcom,

What’s your PATH environment variable set to? (i.e. post the output from the command “echo $PATH”).

My guess is you still have your PATH pointing to the 20.7 install, or at least have it listed before the local directory ("."). The OS uses the first instance of a binary it finds with precedence to directories listed earlier in PATH. So if you have “/opt/nvidia/hpc_sdk/Linux_x86_64/20.7/compilers/bin” listed before “.” or “/opt/nvidia/hpc_sdk/Linux_x86_64/20.11/compilers/bin” , the 20.7 nvfortran binary will be used.


Mat, you were correct! That was the problem.