Moving from 3.3 to 3.4 issue

I’m moving from 3.3 to 3.4 and got an issue.
Triangle mesh shape became flat. In debug I can see that mesh for PxTriangleMeshGeometry has normal coordinates and bounding box has normal dimensions.
Looks like box shapes are creating good. But mesh and convex shapes has issues. Like one coordinate doesn’t have difference in values.

debugger picture

Are you cooking assets using 3.4 cooking code or are you loading assets that were cooked in 3.3?

I’m cooking using 3.4 code.
Cooking result looks like OK.
Triangle mesh

Any ideas why this issue appears?

The mesh looks ok, please what PxMeshScale did you set for the triangle mesh geometry? Note that in 3.4 negative scale is supported.

I don’t set specific scale. So it has default value 1.1.1

Could you please attach PVD capture or even better the faulty mesh serialised in binary/repx format.

Have you tried reading the vertex positions back in from the convex mesh and comparing them to the pre-cooked vertices to see exactly what is different?

pdv capture
better visible in wireframe mode

I have opened it in PVD and the mesh looks correct to me. Could it not be a rendering issue?

Thanks a lot. Sorry. My fault.
I should know that better to use old debuggers :). When I was working with PhysX 2.x I used debugger from 1.8 because it was light and easy to use…
Btw guys from NVidia you have issues in last PVD.