MPCIe Mini Card not working due to switched polarity in differential PCIe Pairs


We face a problem with a WLAN mPCIe Mini Card. The Card is not detected at all (lspci shows nothing). From the same manufacturer, we have a working WLAN Module. Checking the difference between the modules, we saw that the differential signals of the PCIe Bus are switched (for example REFCLK_N and REFCLK_P are exchanged on the module). Is it possible, that the TX2 cannot handle this? Or is there a possibility to configure the TX2 so that it works?
In another test on an x86 platform with the same mPCIe socket circuit, both Wifi Modules were working fine.
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REFCLK_N and REFCLK_P are reference clock (100 MHz) differential lines. Are these the only lanes that got swapped? or even PCIe data lanes?
By PCIe data lanes swapping, I meant the below two possibilities
a) Tx+ & Tx- are swapped with Rx+ & Rx- lanes
b) Tx+ and Tx- are swapped and also Rx+ and Rx-

As far as Tegra is concerned, (a) is not supported.
(b) is supported on Receiver side i.e. if the endpoint device is sending Rx- (in place of Rx+) and Rx+ (in place of Rx-), then, Tegra can handle it. At the same time, just because things are swapped on its receiver side, it can’t swap its Tx+ and Tx-