MPI and PGI Fortran

I cannot work out from the website what version or type of MPI works with what version of PGI Fortran Accelerator.

Im interested in a server version running windows server 64 bit and want to know what version of MPI we need or that it will run with. We already have MPICH2 installed. Do we need the cluster version or will the standard server version also run OK?


Hi Mike,

Please download the Workstation and/or Portland Visual Fortran (PVF) products.

MPI is independent of the compilers, so you can use your own built MPICH2 or MSMPI which found in Microsoft’s HPC Server (

The only dependency is if you wanted to use the PGI debugger and profiler across nodes. In this case, you need the PGI CDK (cluster development kit) with MSMPI. The CDK download is restricted and only visible to CDK license holders.

Hope this helps,