MPI+OPENACC profiling problem

Hello .
I used nvprof to profile my MPI+openacc program. As taught in the tutorial.
Mpirun -n 16 nvprof -f --export-profile profile.%q{OMPI_COMM_WORLD_RANK}.out ./accmpi
Then use pgprof to open all “.out” files. Click file-"import-"multiple processes
Then I choose all my generated files.
Click finish. The pgprof popup reminds me: unable to import PGI generated profile data Openacc activities parsed out of oder.

Hi wanghr,

This is a limitation of the profiler and OpenACC; you can only import and view one process trace at a time.

Thank you
But this is really a strange thing. I tried it with nvvp this morning and can import multiple data. But pgprof can’t