MPI Program PGCOLLECT: Fatal Error: No samples: Out of range

I’ve just installed pgprof 12.3-0 32-bit target on x86 Linux accelerator compilers. I want to profile OpenMPI program, when compiling a simple test program (which I’ve successfully compiled on other machines) I receive the following error:
“pgcollect [executable file name]”:

Process 0 on dmnode1 out of 1
target process has terminated, writing profile data
PGCOLLECT: Fatal Error: No samples: Out of range

“pgprof [executable file name]”:
Invalid File name

Please reply as soon as possible.
With thanks,
Jagat Sesh
BITA, Pilani

Hi Jagat Sesh,

pgcollect is only available for single process (optional multiple threads) executables. To profile an MPI program, you use the -Mprof=mpich1 or -Mprof=mpich2 flag and the PGI supplied MPICH or PGI CDK MPICH2 libraries. For OpenMPI on Linux, you can also configure your installation so that the compiler wrappers (e.g. mpif90) support PGI profiling instrumentation. The PGPROF User’s Guide includes a section describing how to do this in the chapter on “compiler options for profiling”.

Hope this helps,