Mpich2 and --enable-f90 with pgf90 9.0-1

I failed compiling mpich2 with the f90 buildings (–enable-f90) with the F90 compiler 9.0-1. --disable-f90 is ok but I need mpif90.

MESSAGE ERROR : Could not find a usable F90 compiler. The compiler pgf90 may be incompatible with the Fortran 77 compiler…

I encoutered no trouble with the release pgf90 8.0.

Is it a known bug? Fixed in 9.0-2?
Or I need to try reinstall PGI?



I know that tips are given on your website ( but the F90 buildings are not detailed…

Hi fabien,

My guess is that this is a problem with your 9.0 installation rather anything specific to MPICH2. Are you able to compile the following simple program?

      print *, 'Hello'
  • Mat