i would like to delet my entire instalation and begin again but first i want to try the debug so if you can teachme where can i put the -g flag it will be great

Hi Garlay,

I’m assuming you mean that you want to build MPICH with debugging enabled. We have a Tips and Techniques Page on building MPICH which includes following information on creating a “debug” version:

If you wish to view MPI message queues when debugging your applications with PGDBG, you will need to link with a version of MPICH which has debugging enabled. To create a ‘debug’ version of MPICH, compile with the ‘-g -O0’ options. You may wish to add the configure flag ‘–enable-debug’ after the ‘configure’ command in order to allow PGDBG to display information about the MPICH message queues.

For MM5, remove the optimization flags (like -O2, or -fast) from “configure.user” and replace them with “-g”. You can also debug with optimization by adding “-gopt”, however optimization can restructure code making it difficult to debug.

  • Mat