MPS and CUDA Fortran


I’ve recently gotten access to some K20s and I’m quite interested in MPS, the Multi-Process Service that implements the Hyper-Q/MPI magic in CUDA 5.5.

Now, I know that PGI (or, should I say, NVIDIA? :) ) 13.7 doesn’t support CUDA 5.5 as a target toolkit to build with since it was just released a few days ago, but I was wondering if I could use cuda5.0,cc35 on a machine with CUDA 5.5 and use MPS as well? Or do I need to wait for cuda5.5 as a target?

Of course, if I can get MPS set up here, I’ll probably try, but perhaps you might head me off at the pass and save some work if it’s just not doable yet.


Hi Matt,

I could be wrong but I don’t think the CUDA version you build with matters. Hyper-Q is driver thing so you just need the CUDA 5.5 driver installed.

I’ll send an email to the NVIDIA folks (or should I say my new co-workers :-) ) to confirm.

  • Mat