Mqtt adaptor for deepstream 5.1

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

**• AGX ( 32G )
**• DS5.1
**• Jetpack 4.5.1
**• TensorRT 7.1.3
**• Nvidia L4T 32.5.1

hi , currently I have a workload automation required a mqtt protocol ( mosquitto server running a local host ), after I check on the forums , the mqtt adaptor deepstream-4.0.1/sources/libs/mqtt_protocol_adaptor at master · Kwull/deepstream-4.0.1 · GitHub is some modification of kafka adaptor , I would like to ask for clarification , is this github links source are real mqtt implementation ? thanks !

It’s just MQTT protocol adapter, you can use it to integrate with deepstream.

thank you for your reply , is this mqtt adaptor working on 5.1 ? as I check the files in the mqtt source , some of it are label with kafka , I think they are rename from “kafka” to mqtt , but are this real mqtt protocol ?
for example this file deepstream-4.0.1/nvds_mqtt_proto.cpp at master · Kwull/deepstream-4.0.1 · GitHub

NvDsMsgApiHandle nvds_msgapi_connect(char *connection_str, nvds_msgapi_connect_cb_t connect_cb, char *config_path)
NvDsKafkaProtoConn *conn_ptr = (NvDsKafkaProtoConn *)malloc(sizeof(NvDsKafkaProtoConn));
char burl[MAX_FIELD_LEN], bport[MAX_FIELD_LEN], btopic[MAX_FIELD_LEN], brokerurl[MAX_FIELD_LEN];
int urllen, portlen, topiclen;
urllen = portlen = topiclen = MAX_FIELD_LEN;
char *portptr, *topicptr;

Oh, look through the code, yes, it’s for kafka. not for mqtt.

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