Mqtt integration


I would like to get some advise from some forum users.
The question I have is, what would be the most efficient
Way to integrate an mqtt client into deepstream sdk?
It’s a very open ended question and I would really like to hear
The thoughts by some on the direction that would be best

The idea, is to publish the frame results that are captured
currently in kitti format or allbox to a mqtt broker and
then use other platforms ie node-red, home assistant ect.
To action an event based on the results.


Sorry that we don’t have such experience.
Maybe other users can share their idea.



I am looking into a similar task.

My current plan is to create a new dll that implements the “public” functions of:

  • nvds_msgapi_connect
  • nvds_msgapi_send"
  • nvds_msgapi_disconnect
  • nvds_msgapi_send_async
  • nvds_msgapi_do_work

Which are defined and implemented for Kafka in sources/libs/kafka_protocol_adaptor/nvds_kafka_proto.cpp
Then the new .so can be loaded, instead of kafka, by using the proto-lib property of gst-nvmsgbroker

Does this seem correct for implementing new protocols, mqtt or otherwise?