MSAA issue with drivers 350.12 and newer, no issue with AMD.

I’m porting DOOM-3-BFG to support VR headsets and full motion controls. I’m nearing completion, but there is an issue with MSAA when rendering to FBO’s - there is corruption at some view angles.

Issue does not exist in drivers 347.88 or earlier - it first appears in 350.12 and still exists.

Things noted during troubleshooting:
A completed and MSAA resolved frame copied from a FBO to the system using glreadpixel is not distorted. The same completed render is corrupted when copied to a texture via glCopyTexImage2D and then drawn to screen with a quad pass and passthru shader when MSAA enabled.

Source code:

Link to .exe , screenshots of distortion, and how to replicate.

Tested on a 640,760 and 780. No issue on r290.

Any help would be appreciated!