MSVC 8.0 (2005) support in CUDA 5.0

Hi all,

when I use nvcc.exe from CUDA 5.0 with --cl-version 2005, I get the following warning:

nvcc : warning : nvcc support for MSVC 8.0 and earlier has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained

Although the message is pretty clear, I’d like to know more details.
Especially, does that mean that:
a) using MSVC 2005 tools is not safe and notsupported already in CUDA 5.0, or
b) using MSVC 2005 tools is still fine and supported in CUDA 5.0, but may be dropped in any future version?

Does aynone know?

In my particular project, I need to stick with VS2005 until next year.

Many thanks