Mtlx Primvar Reader / Geo Property Value - is supported in Create?


We are trying to load one .usd asset exported from Houdini Solaris that contains a basic pighead geometry were the material emission intensity from the Standard Surface is driven by one primvar reader, but unfortunately lookslike in OV Create we can see the shaders correctly and even the primvar, but the emission “animation” doesn’t appear.

So, I’m wondering if OV Create supports the mtlx Geometry Property Value node?

I attached multiple .usd files below:

scenes.rar (192.6 KB)

On the version 05, you will find the .usd file using the “USD Primv Var Reader” node from Houdini. There is also a v05 with a MDL material reading the primvar data from the geometry and it is working correctly.

And on the v08, the primvar is loaded using the “Geo Property Value” node from Houdini, unfortunately this one loks like isn’t working in OV Create.

Probably we are missing something? Because we are still learning how to use OV Create, and for me is a extremely slow curve because I can’t use it on my machine si we are checking multiple things in other machine.

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I’m wondering if someone can check this? Thanks!

Hello @cdordelly! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

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Thanks @WendyGram !

Hello @cdordelly
Sorry for the late reply. RTX Renderer doesn’t support MaterialX currently. It is on the road map to support MaterialX in the future. We will add warning messages to let user know that if there are shaders aren’t supported during exporting USD.

Thank you for reporting this issue and please let us know if you have more questions,