-Mtraceback and core dumps

The option -Mtraceback no lunger exist, what other option produces a traceback?

My system does not create a core dump, what is the option that must be set to get a core dump?

What are the best options to locate a dviz? The output simply say “you got one” but no indication as to where.


  1. -traceback

  2. Use limit to set coredumpsize:

% limit coredumpsize unlimit

#you can change unlimit to any size you want, i.e., 10m
#To check if it does what you want to do type: limit

3) Perhaps:

% locate dviz


pgf77 does not accept -traceback


Started from 7.1 version, it should accept -traceback.
Which compiler version do you use, 32-bit ,64-bit?
Can you post the error message?